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Friday, November 21, 2014

I've Got Your Soup to Keep Me Warm

Frank's place, on the coldest day of the year so far...

Mr. Frank: Ceecee, I'm ready to take my soup over to Doll Face now. I left a bowl for you on the kitchen table.

Ceecee: Thanks, Frank. Good luck! I hope she appreciates it.

Next door, in Lilly Faye's living room, a few minutes later...

Mr. Frank: I made you Butternut Squash, Cider and Apple Soup. I'll dish up a bowl for each of us.

Lilly Faye: It sure smells good, Frank. Soup is just what I need to get me through this cold weather.

Mr. Frank: Anything for you, Doll Face.

Lilly Faye: Yum, that was good! I think your soup is working already. I feel warm all over.

Mr. Frank: I hope I didn't overdo it by having that second helping.

Mr. Frank: Doll Face, I have something important to ask you.

Lilly Faye: Come up here and sit by me, Frank.

Mr. Frank: I know Jake the Briard was the love of your life, but it's been almost two years now since he passed away.

Mr. Frank: You're a gorgeous, vibrant girl, with a lot of life left to live. You shouldn't spend it alone. I was wondering if...will you be my girlfriend?

Lilly Faye: I've been waiting for you to ask me, Frank. My answer is yes. I would love to be your girl.

Mr. Frank: Really?! You've made me a very happy boy, Doll Face! 

Now that we have that settled, do you have any Gas-Be-Gone? I'm not sure butternut squash agrees with me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The phone rings at Frank's place...

Lilly Faye: Good morning, Frank. Lilly Faye here. I'm sorry, I won't be able to go on a walk with you today. The weatherman on the TV said it's freezing cold outside, and little ones like me should stay indoors.

Mr. Frank: Don't worry your pretty little head about it, Doll Face. There's no need for you to be cold with Mr. Frank around! I'll be over soon.

Lilly Faye: You don't have to rush, Frank. I'll be home all day.

Lilly Faye: Hmm, I wonder what he meant by that? Maybe I should freshen up and put on my pearls.

Meanwhile, at Frank's place...

Mr. Frank: Ceecee, where's my apron? I've got a special batch of soup to make!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lilly Faye's Movie Review: Begin Again, starring Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, and Adam Levine

Dear Readers,

In the movie Begin Again, Gretta (Keira Knightley) and Dave (Adam Levine) are singer-songwriters and lovers who are trying to establish music careers in New York City.

Gretta has a simple, stripped-down approach to everything, from her personal appearance to her style of music. Dave wants to be a rock star, filling stadiums with thousands of adoring fans.

When Gretta and Dave break up, Gretta deals with her pain by singing about her troubles in a rowdy bar, where Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a washed-up former record executive who drinks too much and still carries a torch for his ex-wife, has gone to drown his own sorrows.

Can Dan and Gretta save each other? Will they win their exes back? Will Dan's idea to make a record on the streets of New York launch Gretta's career and revive his own? The answers aren't as obvious as you may think.

Begin Again was filmed on location in New York City. The plot isn't complicated, but it's a lovely ride. Music plays a huge role in the movie, to the point that it's almost a character all its own.

What did you think of the movie, Diz?

Dizzie: Keira Knightley turned in a good, solid performance. She even did her own singing. Adam Levine was quite believable in his first big screen role. And Mark Ruffalo, come on! Who doesn't love that guy?

Lilly Faye: I really liked this movie. It was very romantic. I particularly liked the song, Lost Stars, which figures in the story in a big way.

You can hear Adam Levine's powerful version of it here: Lost Stars, from the movie Begin Again, sung by Adam Levine

And you can hear Keira Knightley's gentle version of it here: Lost Stars, from the movie Begin Again, sung by Keira Knightley

I can't get this song out of my head. I've been singing it all day!

Mr. Frank: If you love it that much, Doll Face, I could learn to play it for you on my tuba.

Lilly Faye: Really? That's kind of romantic, Frank.

Lilly Faye's Movie Rating: Two Paws Up!

Friday, November 14, 2014

November Mailbag, Thanksgiving Edition

Dear Readers,
It's been awhile since we opened up the old mailbag, so let's dive in.

Rosie the Rhodesian Ridgeback, writes: "Dear Lilly Faye, I like your turkey. What's his name?"

Lilly Faye: He isn't a real turkey, Rosie, so he doesn't have a name. Real turkeys are mean. They attack you with their spurs, and then you have to go to the doctor and get a shot. I decided to go with a paper turkey from the stationary store, instead. I think he's pretty. 

Lilly Faye: Otto the Otterhound, writes: "Dear Frank, what are you cooking for Thanksgiving?"

Mr. Frank: Thanks for your question, Otto. I plan to fry a turkey this year.

Lilly Faye: That can be dangerous, Frank. If you set the turkey fryer too close to your house, you can accidentally burn your house down!

Mr. Frank: No worries, Doll Face. That's why I plan to use your long driveway.

Alfie Cat: If anyone wants to make a rabbit stew, just let me know. Also, you're all getting a lucky rabbit's foot for Christmas.

Dizzie: Not so lucky for the rabbit!

Lilly Faye: I'm not even going to ask.

Next, Sarge the Shepherd, writes: "Cali, have you ever been in the military or served on the police force?"

Cali: I'm a civilian, Sarge, but I have been through the Citizens Police Academy, I'm a Neighborhood Watch block captain, and I guard the home front.

Lilly Faye: And she's very good at it, too. No one sneaks past Cali.

We have one last question from Chico the Chihuahua. Chico writes: "Dizzie, you talk about your girlfriend Willow all the time. Why don't we see more of her?"

Dizzie: Unfortunately, Willow lives out of town. Ours is a long distance romance, but when we get together, it's epic!

Lilly Faye: O--kay. That's all for now, Dear Readers. We always love hearing from you, so keep those cards and letters coming.

Lilly Faye

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Delusions of Grandeur

Lilly Faye: Did you all see the lovely comment we received after our review of the movie, Chef?

Lilly Faye: Wow, blogging is a glamorous and exciting job, but it can't compare to being a movie star.

When I was younger, I dreamed of being an actress. I thought I missed my chance, but now I'm thinking maybe a big Hollywood movie could still be in my future!

Alfie Cat: The actress who played "old Rose" was eighty-six when she got her big break in Titanic, so it could still happen for you, Lilly Faye.

Dizzie: I'm pretty sure I'm already a star. Everywhere I go, complete strangers fall all over me.

Lilly Faye: That's because you trip them.

Dizzie: Not on purpose. I can't help it if I'm high-spirited!

Mr. Frank: I hope we can get Clint Eastwood to direct our movie. There's a man who appreciates jazz! Plus, he co-owned a renowned California restaurant for many years. Clint would understand me.

Cali: I'd gladly accept a role in a crime drama, but I wouldn't want to trivialize the seriousness of police work by taking a role in a police comedy.

Dizzie: I wouldn't mind. I think I could bring a lot of entertainment value to Beverly Hills Cop 14, or whatever number they're up to now.

Lilly Faye: You're all getting off track. This movie is supposed to be about us working on the blog!

Ceecee: If we starred in our own movie, would I have to leave my house, or could the moviemakers come to me?

Alfie Cat: Don't any of you bozos sign anything that doesn't name me as your agent, and assign me a significant percentage of the gross.

Dizzie: I'm not signing any movie deal that doesn't also include a role for my girlfriend, Willow.

Alfie Cat: Does she have an agent?

Cali: Does anyone else think maybe we're getting carried away, based on one anonymous blog comment?

Lilly Faye: We can dream, can't we?

Dear Readers,
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Also, if you enjoy the blog, please tell your friends!

Lilly Faye