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Meet Dizzie


A dashing and athletic young Portuguese Water Dog

Current Job: Unpaid blog intern

Career Goal: Senior Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine

Dream Job: Premier League footballer

Named After: Musician Dizzy Gillespie

Claim to Fame: First Cousin of Bo Obama

Celebrity or Character I most identify with: Rowlf the Dog, from the Muppets

Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, wrestling, and the occasional game of soccer

Love of My Life: I haven't met her yet!**  

**Update! I just met the girl of my dreams, and her name is Willow. She's a beautiful Golden Retriever. I'm smitten! You can read all about it here: 

 Dizzy and Willow, a Love Story

Favorite Song: "Dizzy" by Tommy Roe

Favorite Internet Site: A Poodle Looks at Life, because I'm on it

Frequent Quote: "Are you gonna eat that?"

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