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Monday, July 13, 2015

Bringing Back the Magic

Lilly Faye: I thought once Frank and I got engaged, we'd be seeing more of each other. Instead, he's too busy with his walk-up restaurant to take me out at all!

Alfie Cat: Are you sure you're really engaged, or is this like one of those fake reality dating shows where two people only pretend to get engaged to advance their television careers, then they break up a few weeks later when no one's looking?

Cali: Girlfriend, you need to remind Frank that you're in demand, and he'd better snap you up before someone else does. That should do the trick. Males are very competitive.

Dizzie: I have an idea, Boss. I read in the paper that Trombone Shorty is coming back to town. Didn't Frank take you to see him on your first real date last September?

Lilly Faye: That's right, Diz. You're brilliant!

Later that afternoon...

Lilly Faye: Frank, I just realized it's been exactly one year this month since you moved in next door, and the anniversary of  our first date is just a few weeks away.

I'll always remember that night. You brought me flowers, and bought me dinner, and took me to that jazz club to hear Trombone Shorty.

Mr. Frank: I remember that night like it was yesterday, Doll. Things didn't go the way I'd planned, but you were such a good sport about it, I knew you were the girl for me.

Lilly Faye: That's so romantic, Frank. 

Guess what? Trombone Shorty is coming back to town! I asked Dizzie to order a couple of tickets for us. I want to recreate the magic of our first date.

Mr. Frank: I gotta polish my tuba, in case Shorty asks me to sit in!

Lilly Faye: Please leave your tuba home this time, Frank. I don't want anything interfering with our special date. It's going to be a night to remember!

Mr. Frank: I know it is, Doll. Smooch!


  1. Aw have fun on your Date Lilly Faye and Frank. Yes best to leave your tuba at home Frank and use those lips for kissing.

    1. Thanks, Muffin! I like the way you think!

    2. Aww that's so romantic! I don't blame Lilly Faye for insisting that Mr Frank leaves his Tuba at home. That Tuba must be hugs! I get a kick out of invisioning Mr Frank practicing his Tuba! 😀

    3. Frank's tuba is huge, Martha! It's hard to get it through the restaurant door, and I'm always afraid a waiter will trip over it. I want people to turn and stare at us because we're a glamorous, attractive couple, not because Frank is lugging that thing around. Frank says I'm just jealous of it. At least he's promised to leave it home this time! He's been hinting that he has something up his sleeve for our special date. I can't wait to find out what it is!


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