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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Building a Better Snowman

Mr. Frank: What do you think, Doll?

Lilly Faye: He's a little short, Frank.

Lilly Faye: And he needs a face. Don't forget to give him a face.

Mr. Frank: How does he look now?

Lilly Faye: Better, but he only has one arm. Can't you find another arm for him?

Mr. Frank: There. Now he has two matching arms.

Mr. Frank: I think he looks pretty good, myself. Don't you agree, Doll?

Lilly Faye: He looks very nice, Frank. Thank you.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dizzie Goes to the Academy Awards

Dear Readers,
The Academy Awards ceremony took place last night in Hollywood. It's hard to believe another year has gone by! Luckily for us, my blog intern Dizzie attended the ceremony, and is back with all of the exciting details.

Lilly Faye: Welcome home, Diz. You look different! What happened to your hair?

Mr. Frank: Yeah, you're looking a little frou-frou there, buddy.

Dizzie: I've been styled! My pal Chad from the television show Scandalous Hollywood Insiders Tonight phoned me on Friday and said his boss really liked the work I did for them at the Golden Globes. Chad asked if I'd come out to Hollywood, all expenses paid, to report on the Academy Awards. I said, heck yes!

Lilly Faye: How exciting! Where did they put you up? The Beverly Hills Hotel? The Chateau Marmont?

Dizzie: I slept on Chad's couch. I think it was Ikea. Anyway, his show's hair and makeup lady styled me for Oscar night. I think she was trying to make me look like Matisse. She watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on television last week, and saw Matisse win both the Portuguese Water Dog Best of Breed and Best of Working Group.

Lilly Faye: Well you look very fancy, Diz. It's going to take some getting used to. Now, tell us about the Oscars.

Dizzie: Neil Patrick Harris hosted the show. Unfortunately, most of his jokes were pretty lame. He probably didn't write them himself. He certainly seemed to be trying hard, but he should have listened to me and kept his pants on. I mean, there was Meryl sitting down front, keeping it classy as usual, and out comes Neil Patrick in his underwear.

Lilly Faye: I thought the acceptance speeches were interesting, and the musical performances were excellent. Lady Gaga surprised everyone by singing a Sound of Music medley to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie's release. Julie Andrews gave Gaga's performance her stamp of approval, and you can't do better than that.

Dizzie: I was dancing in the aisle while Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island performed my favorite song, "Everything is Awesome."

Lilly Faye: John Legend and rapper Common received a standing ovation when they performed "Glory" from the movie Selma.

Dizzie: Right Boss. And now we know their real names are John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn. I wasn't sure who the announcer was talking about at first!

Lilly Faye: Do you have anything more for us, Diz?

Dizzie: I told Ellar Coltrane how much you loved Boyhood, Boss. And Frank, I showed Channing Tatum your Magic Frank XXL Valentine and he told me he has a couple of moves he can teach you.

Mr. Frank: Are you serious?

Lilly Faye: Woof!

Lilly Faye: Thanks for your report, Diz. I know our readers appreciate it.

And there you have it, folks. I hope some of your favorites took home an Oscar last night!

Lilly Faye

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day at the Blog

Mr. Frank: Huff, puff...

Mr. Frank: Hey Doll, it snowed last night! Come on out and have a look!

Lilly Faye: Wow, I can't believe how much snow fell while I was asleep. It's so pretty.

Mr. Frank: Be careful, Doll. Your porch floor is a little icy.

Dizzie: Watch out, Boss. You could fall and break a hip!

Lilly Faye: Thanks for that, Diz.

I phoned Dizzie and asked him to come take some photos of us for the blog, Frank.

Mr. Frank: I'll go down ahead of you Doll. That way, I can catch you if you slip on the steps.

Mr. Frank: Woo, hoo!

Lilly Faye: No need to worry, boys. Look, the snow is frozen so hard I can stand on top of it.

Lilly Faye: Whoops. Spoke too soon.

Lilly Faye: What are you doing, Diz? You're supposed to be taking photos for the blog.

Dizzie: I'm eating snow. You should try it Boss. It tastes like a snow cone.

Mr. Frank: Yum, he's right. This would be good with some genuine maple syrup on it.

Lilly Faye: It just tastes cold to me.

Mr. Frank: Hang on, Doll. I'll be right back.

Dizzie: That reminds me, don't eat any yellow snow, Boss.

Lilly Faye: Dizzie, don't lay down in the snow. You'll get sick. Don't you have a coat?

Dizzie: I'm wearing it.

Lilly Faye: Let's go inside. My feet are freezing.

Mr. Frank: I'll fix us a pot of my special hot chocolate. I make it using a bar of bittersweet chocolate, some half and half, and a little sugar. Then I add some cinnamon and a touch of ancho chile powder.

Dizzie: No offense Frank, but I prefer the powdered kind that comes in an envelope, with lots of squirty cream on top.

Dear Readers,
I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are!

Lilly Faye