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Monday, February 9, 2015

Choosing That Special Valentine Gift

Dear Readers,
This is the first Valentine's Day since Frank asked me to be his girl. I'm filled with nervous anticipation.

I got Frank two special bones. They're completely edible, but they're a really hard chew, which is just the way he likes them. I hope they're enough. It's so hard to know what's expected in a new relationship. What's enough? What's too much?

I wonder what Frank is doing right now, and if he's thinking about me.

Meanwhile, Frank makes an important decision about his Valentine gift for Lilly Faye.

Mr. Frank: Ceecee, I'm gonna do it. I've been dieting and weight training for months. It's now or never, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time. Get the camera.

Ceecee: I don't know, Frank. I don't want to break any laws. Maybe we should consult Lilly Faye's friend Cali. She's been through the Citizen's Police Academy.

Mr. Frank: Don't be ridiculous, it's perfectly legal. Celebrities do it all the time.

Ceecee: All right, I'll take the pictures. But remember, I warned you.

Dear Readers, 
Please join us on Wednesday, when Frank reveals his Valentine surprise for Lilly Faye!

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