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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Chef Is Always Right

Dizzie: What's going on, Boss?

Lilly Faye: Frank is selling snacks out of his bedroom window.

Mr. Frank: It's a walk-up restaurant. It's just for the summer.

Dizzie: Cool!

Mr. Frank: What can I get you?

Dizzie: Have you got anything with avocados? I love avocados.

Mr. Frank: I've got a whole-grain toast with wasabi mayonnaise, sliced avocado, and crumbled bacon.

Dizzie: Great. I'll take one of those, but with plain mayo. I can't stand wasabi.

Lilly Faye: It's true. We found that out the hard way.

Mr. Frank: No adjustments or substitutions. As a gourmet chef, I can't compromise my artistic culinary vision.

Dizzie: Haven't you heard, the customer is always right?

Mr. Frank: That'll be twelve dollars.

Dizzie: Twelve dollars! What kind of restaurant is this?

Lilly Faye: An expensive one.


  1. BOL. Dizzie is fussy. I will eat my worm tablets with relish. Nom nom nom pass the crumbled bacon! Very enterprising Frank

    Muffin x

    1. Hi Muffin, thanks for visiting. Dizzie is always hungry and will eat almost anything, but he burned his tongue on wasabi once, so he is careful to avoid it now!


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