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Thursday, July 9, 2015

French Twist

Dizzie: Boss, there's a Citroen convertible parked in front of Frank's house.

Lilly Faye: A what?

Dizzie: It's a French automobile. Don't you watch Top Gear, Boss?

Lilly Faye: Oh, no! Those French Bulldog sisters must be back. You remember, Diz, they made a play for Frank back in March.

Meanwhile, next door...

Mattie: Frank, as soon as we heard about your new Snack Shack on Woofer, my sister and I knew we had to pay you another visit.

Zoe: It was worth the trip! What a delicacy. We haven't had escargots prepared this well since we were in the South of France.

Mattie: Where do you source your escargots, Frank?

Mr. Frank: In the back garden, underneath the geraniums.

Zoe: You're not only hot, Frank, you're resourceful. I like that.

Ceecee: Did you girls also hear that Frank is engaged to be married?

Mattie: But there's still time to sow a few wild oats, right, Frank?

Mr. Frank: Gulp!

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