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Meet Mr. Frank

Mr. Frank

A debonair English Bulldog, and Lilly Faye's next door neighbor

Nickname: "Frankie Tuba"

Relationship Status: Taken! Sorry ladies, I'm off the market. Doll Face and I are going steady, engaged, MARRIED!

Quote: "I'm the real deal, baby!"

Current Job: Bon vivant

Career Goal: Owning my own restaurant

Dream Job: The first Canine Iron Chef

Celebrity I most identify with: George Clooney

Interests: Gourmet cooking, music, world travel, and movies

Favorite Song: "Mr. Frank" by Keith Frank 

Favorite Pastime: Playing the tuba

Shows I enjoy: A Chef's Life, The Amazing Race

Favorite Movies: Julie & Julia, Ratatouille, Chef

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