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Monday, August 11, 2014

Dizzie and Willow, a Love Story

Dizzie: Boss, I can't come in to work. I'm sick.

Lilly Faye: Oh, dear! What's wrong with you, Diz?

Dizzie: I'm woozy, and my stomach is all fluttery. I have no interest in food, I can't concentrate, and I'm having strange dreams.

Alfie Cat: Maybe we should ask his doctor if he needs the latest pill.

Lilly Faye: Think, Diz. What were you doing immediately before all this started?

Dizzie: I went on a little day trip in the car. It was a warm summer day, and I stopped at a nice spot by the river to cool off. That's where I saw her, the most beautiful girl in the world.

Dizzie: She was tall, and radiant, with silky golden hair.

Dizzie: She lured me into the water like a siren.

Dizzie: I've never seen anyone swim so gracefully.

Dizzie: She said her name was Willow. 

We swam...

Dizzie: We laughed...

Dizzie: We flirted...

Dizzie: She chased me...

Dizzie: I chased her...

Dizzie: Then she surprised me with a kiss underneath the pier. I felt like I was in a romantic movie. I even thought I could hear music playing, and someone was singing our song.

Dizzie: I could hardly bear to leave her. But eventually it was time to go, and I got up the nerve to kiss her goodbye.

Dizzie: I've never experienced anything like it, Boss. Meeting Willow has changed me. I've grown up. I'll never go back to being a puppy again.

Oh, Willow, Willow, Willow...I can't get you out of my head.

Alfie Cat: Forget what I said about the pill. He needs a psychiatrist.

Lilly Faye: He doesn't need medical help, Alfie. I recognize his symptoms.

Diz, you're lovesick.

Alfie Cat: Either that, or he's got a bad case of swimmer's ear.

Dizzie: Is there a cure, Boss?

Lilly Faye: Time will help, but you'll always have that fluttery feeling whenever you remember your first love.

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