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Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Mailbag, Part 2

Dear Readers,

Today I'm answering more questions from the Mailbag. 

If you have a question that I've not answered yet, you can email me privately using the "Contact Form" on the right side of your screen, or you can leave me a publicly viewable comment by clicking on the word "Comment" listed underneath every blog post.

Let's get started...

Curiosity the Cat writes:
I've noticed your tongue is sticking out in many of your photos. Why is that?
It's true, Curiosity. I pant a lot, especially when I'm hot or excited. But I'd like to point out that this was not considered provocative behavior until Miley Cyrus began copying me.

Beowulf the Beagle writes:
Are you and Dizzie dating?
Certainly not! Diz and I are just friends. Here's a picture of Diz and me taken a mere 10 months ago. Shocking, right? 

Harvey the Havanese writes:

You and Dizzie haven't reviewed any movies lately. What's up?

Thanks for noticing, Harvey. Diz and I have been binge-watching Homeland in lieu of movies.

Don't dispair, Harvey. We're almost through Season 3, so our regular movie reviews will return soon.

I see there is one more message sent from a Woofer account. 

PWD@606+ writes:

Dear Lilly Faye, 
THE MASTER says I've been spending too much time with you working on your blog, instead of doing my chores and offering companionship at home. He insists something has to change, or I won't be allowed to come over to your place anymore.
Figure out something quickly, as I would greatly miss your mommy's yummy treats.
Best, Diz

To be continued....

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