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Friday, April 11, 2014

Lilly Faye's Guide to Business: Plan to Succeed

Lilly Faye: I'm putting the finishing touches on a business plan for the blog, Diz. How does this sound?

In five years the blog will have 20,000 visitors every month, it will be mentioned regularly in major publications such as Entertainment Weekly, and I will be courted by book publishers and movie studios seeking exclusive Lilly Faye branded reviews.

Dizzie: It sounds more like a fantasy than a business plan, Boss.

Lilly Faye: Most business plans are fantasies, Diz. But you've got to have one if you want a business loan.

Dizzie: Who's going to give you a loan?

Lilly Faye: Mommy. I want to buy a new camera for the blog. The one I'm using now is almost 9 years old, and my photos have been looking a little fuzzy.

Dizzie: That's the camera's fault? I thought you were going for the TV anchor lady gauzy effect to smooth out your wrinkles.

Lilly Faye: I don't have wrinkles, Diz. I just need more pixels.

Dizzie: So how are you gonna pay back the loan?

Lilly Faye: I haven't figured that out yet. But it's important to believe in yourself, Diz, and I just know the blog is going to be a huge success!

Dizzie: I sure hope so, Boss. Maybe then I can get paid.

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