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Friday, October 3, 2014

It's a Reality World

Dear Readers,
Today I'm trying out a new idea on my blog staff...

Lilly Faye: What would you all think about us filming our own web-based reality show, Real Canines of the Internet?

Alfie Cat: Why do I always get lumped in with you canines? Anyone can see I'm a gorgeous feline! Nevertheless, I'd like to star in a show called King for a Day. Contestants would compete for the chance to treat me like a king for an entire day.

Lilly Faye: That doesn't sound very commercial.

Alfie Cat: Then we can sell it to PBS.

Dizzie: If I'm going to star in a show, I want it to be sports related. Like me playing soccer...or competing in the Olympics...or playing soccer in the Olympics! I think one of those gold medals would look good around my neck.

Mr. Frank: Have a camera in my face all the time? No, thank you. But if I was forced to do a reality show, I'd want it to involve travel and food. I can picture myself racing from one world capitol to another, locally sourcing all my ingredients, and cooking the most famous local dish in a specified amount of time. Afterward, I would jam with a local band.

Cali: I'd love to be on a canine version of Cops. I would travel from city to city, joining local police canine units and assisting them in bringing down dangerous fugitives.

Lilly Faye: I was thinking more along the lines of a simple show documenting our lives and loves, right here in the neighborhood.

Dizzie: BORING!

Alfie Cat: Who'd want to watch that?

Cali: I thought you had more imagination, Lilly Faye.

Mr. Frank: Can I record the theme song for our show on my tuba?

Dear Readers,
Maybe we'll just stick with the blog. 

Lilly Faye

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