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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lilly Faye's Movie Review: Rush, a film by Ron Howard, starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl

Dear Readers,

My friends and family know how much I love to ride in a fast car, particularly in a convertible! There's nothing like the feeling of the sun shining down on me and the wind blowing my ears straight back, while the world passes by in a blur.

So, I was looking forward to seeing Rush, and I was not disappointed. The movie captures the heart-thumping excitement and thrill of Formula One racing. All that was missing was the smell of fuel, motor oil, and burning rubber.

How would you describe the movie, Diz?

Dizzie: Lots of racing and shagging and hurling and fighting. It was good, I liked it!

Lilly Faye: Rush tells the real-life story of the epic rivalry between Austrian driver and master tactician Niki Lauda, and seat-of-his-pants driver and playboy, Englishman James Hunt.

The two men met when they were just young pups racing in Formula 3, and the movie covers the years that followed, leading to their historic battle for the 1976 Formula One Grand Prix World Championship.

Chris Hemsworth, whom you may know from his role as Thor in The Avengers, gives his all in the role of James Hunt. He largely succeeds, although he isn't quite as boyishly handsome or as charismatic as the real James. I can't think of any actor who is.

Daniel Bruhl becomes Niki Lauda, which is pretty amazing. The real Niki was known for his less than handsome looks, even before he was badly scarred while racing. 

Daniel Bruhl, on the other paw, is pretty cute. Check him out as the young violinist washed up on the beach in the film Ladies in Lavender, if you don't believe me. In fact, do yourself a favor and check it out anyway. It's an excellent movie starring Maggie Smith and Judi Dench.

Rush was made for an adult audience. It's rated R for a reason.

Dizzie: Lots of bare bums!

Lilly Faye: There is a bit of nudity, but there are also some very realistic medical scenes that may be hard for some people to stomach. I didn't have any trouble with them, but you might.

Diz, I think we know how we're going to rate this one.

Dizzie: Right, Boss!

Movie Rating: Two Paws Up! Highly recommended!

Lilly Faye

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