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Monday, May 5, 2014

This will put a smile on your face!

Dear Readers,

Oh dear dog, be still my heart! Australian Robert Dollwet has posted a fantastic 3-minute YouTube video titled Happy Dogs and Cat in Australia.

It features an exceptionally handsome bunch of dogs plus his own rescue cat frolicking on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Yes, Mr. Dollwet's cat swims in the ocean!

To make it even sweeter, the video is set to my favorite tune, Pharrell Williams' hit song, Happy!

Here is the link for the Happy Dogs and Cat in Australia video:

And this is the link to Robert Dollwet's YouTube Channel, Catmantoo, where you will find videos showing you how to train a cat to do amazing things:

Enjoy, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Lilly Faye

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