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Friday, December 19, 2014

All I Want for Christmas

Mr. Frank: Hi, Doll Face. Want to go caroling with me tonight?

Lilly Faye: Sure, Frank. That sounds like fun.

Mr. Frank: Bring your tambourine. I'm bringing my tuba. I've been practicing lots of Christmas songs.

Lilly Faye: Okay. I was writing my letter to Santa before you got here. How does this sound?
Dear Santa Claus,
I have been a pretty good girl this year. I know you already brought me a tin of yummy cookies, but I am also asking for world peace, an end to hunger, and a little bling for myself.
Lilly Faye 

Mr. Frank: Wow, that's a tall order! Say, about those cookies...

Lilly Faye: I'm sorry I can't offer you one of them, Frank. I lost control and ate them all. They were the best cookies I ever had. 

Mr. Frank: Really?! Thanks!

Lilly Faye: What?

Mr. Frank: Never mind, Doll Face. I'm just glad Santa left them for you.

Lilly Faye: You only have to believe, Frank, and good things will come to you, too!

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