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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My First New Year's Eve with Frank!

Lilly Faye: It's New Year's Eve. I hope Frank hasn't forgotten our date.

Lilly Faye: Frank, you remembered! Happy New Year!

Mr. Frank: I could never forget a date with you Doll Face, especially on a romantic night like this.

Lilly Faye: Let's sit out here, so we can see the neighborhood fireworks.

Mr. Frank: We can make our own fireworks, Doll.

Lilly Faye: Giggle, giggle. Why don't you open the champagne.

Mr. Frank: Let me put on my party hat first.

Mr. Frank: There, that's better.

Mr. Frank: Sniff, sniff. Smells like a good vintage.

Mr. Frank: I'd like to propose a toast. To us, may 2015 be our best, most romantic year yet!

Lilly Faye: I know it will be a good year with you by my side, Frank.

The champagne is tickling my nose.

Lilly Faye: I bought some mistletoe for the occasion, but now I can't find it.

Mr. Frank: Was it a bunch of green stuff tied up with a red ribbon? I ate it.

Lilly Faye: Oh, no! Mistletoe is poisonous, Frank! You need to have your stomach pumped right away!

Mr. Frank: Nah, it didn't taste very good, so I hurled it up. You might want to avoid your side yard for a few days.

Lilly Faye: Good to know.

Mr. Frank: I don't need mistletoe to smooch on my girl.

Mr. Frank: Pucker up, Doll.

Lilly Faye: Oh, Frankie! Kiss, kiss.

Mr. Frank: Smooch!

Lilly Faye: You're a good kisser Frank.

Mr. Frank: I'm one lucky fella.

Lilly Faye: I wish the whole world could be as happy as we are right now.

Dear Readers,
May 2015 be your best year yet!
Happy New Year!

Lilly Faye


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you.
      I hope 2015 is a great year for you!

  2. I want her outfit! She is the true rage of style and class. Her boyfriend Frank is so romantic and sweet. What a truly beautiful way to end the year with these two sweethearts. Thank you for letting us see into your lives and keep up the outstanding blog. My friends and I tune in each episode like it's Sex in the City! We love it! See you in the new year!

    1. Happy New Year! I'm starting 2015 with a huge smile on my face, thanks to your kind words. I feel so fortunate to have wonderful readers like you! My blog staff and I will try our best to keep you and your friends entertained throughout 2015. So stick with us, it's going to be a fun ride!

      Lilly Faye


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