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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Mr. Frank: I don't know what I'm going to give Doll Face for Christmas, Ceecee. She's probably expecting something fancy, and I don't have any money.

Ceecee: Be honest with her Frank, and the sooner, the better. If she really cares about you, she won't mind.

Ding-dong, ding-dong. Knock, knock, knock.

Lilly Faye: Oh, hello Frank. This is a surprise.

Mr. Frank: Happy anniversary, Doll Face!

Lilly Faye: How romantic! And we've only been going steady for two weeks!

Mr. Frank: What? I meant today's the anniversary of your blog. I baked you a carrot cake topped with mascarpone cheese and pecans to celebrate.

Lilly Faye: Oh, that's right. The blog is one year-old today. It was very thoughtful of you to remember, Frank. 

Come on in. I'll get dressed and put the teakettle on.

Lilly Faye: It was very sweet of you to bake me such a yummy cake, Frank. I could get used to this!

Mr. Frank: Anything for you, Doll Face. 

I'm glad I caught you alone. I wanted to discuss our Christmas plans.

Knock, knock, knock.

Dizzie: Hey Boss, are you in there? I thought I smelled cake.

Mr. Frank: Aaaggghhh!


  1. They are adorable! Happy anniversary and I look forward to watching what happens through the holidays.

  2. Thanks!
    By the way, Frank's cake was delicious! Too bad Dizzie ate most of it.

    Lilly Faye

  3. They are so adorable. I love Mr Frank! 😄😄😄


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