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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Canine Bride: The Magazine Interview

Canine Bride Magazine is pleased to welcome newly engaged couple, Lilly Faye and Mr. Frank, to our monthly interview column, She Says, He Says.

Canine Bride: Lilly Faye, congratulations on your engagement to Mr. Frank! Tell us how you two met.

Lilly Faye: Thank you! Frank and I crossed paths a few times while I was engaged to my beloved Jakey Wakey, the greatest Briard who ever lived. Sadly, Jakey passed away before we could be married. I was just getting used to being single again when Frank moved in next door. He made a big play for me right away. He's so sweet and protective, I couldn't help falling for him! I knew he was serious in November, when he asked me to be his girl.

Canine Bride: Frank, is that how you remember it?

Mr. Frank: I was dating Crystal the Basset Hound back in the old neighborhood. When I moved, I left Crystal behind. I could tell Doll Face was interested in me from day one. She kept coming over whenever I was outside, striking a pose, obviously hoping I would notice her. She's a little spitfire. I gotta admit it, I was flattered.

Canine Bride: We're thrilled that you two are officially announcing your engagement in our magazine. When's the wedding?

Lilly Faye: As soon as possible! I have Dizzie, my blog intern, working on a guest list right now.

Mr. Frank: I favor a long engagement. What's the rush? Heh, heh.

Canine Bride: Have you given any thought to the type of wedding you want? How many attendants, that sort of thing?

Lilly Faye: I've waited all my life to get married. I have my heart set on a big, formal affair with all the trimmings! I expect Frank to ask Dizzie to be his best man. I'd like my friend Cali to be my bridesmaid, and Alfie Cat has volunteered to be the ring bearer. I just hope Alfie doesn't run off with the rings.

Mr. Frank: I was thinking of something small and quiet. My sister, Ceecee, is the only one I want standing up for me. She's my best friend and confidant. We do everything together.

Canine Bride: I hope that doesn't include the honeymoon! 
Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Lilly Faye: I'm a model and life coach, but I'm best known for my blog, A Poodle Looks at Life.

Mr. Frank: I'm a musician, chef, and entrepreneur. You may have seen me with my tuba, busking in front of Trader Joe's. I also accept private gigs. My goal is to open my own upscale restaurant where I can be both the head chef and the headlining musical act. For the time being, I operate a chili cart downtown in the winter, and I've opened a couple of pop-up restaurants.

Canine Bride: Our thanks to both of you. We hope you will let us know when you set the date!

Mr. Frank: I'd just like to add that I can be reached at Mr. Frank on Woofer and Dogspace, for all your catering and musical needs.

Lilly Faye: Not now, Frank.

Editor's Note: The bride-to-be is wearing Carolina lace from Barcelona, Spain, and a triple-strand pearl necklace that belonged to Mr. Frank's great grandmother, Francis.


  1. You look gorgeous Lilly Faye but I wouldn't trust the cat with the rings.
    Muffin x

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Muffin. You're probably right about not trusting Alfie Cat!

  2. Congrats on your engagement! That magazine cover is perfection! :-) -- Barb

    You'll never catch me in a tux or a bow tie collar. Guess that means I'll never get married. It looks good on you, though, Frank. -- Echo Sheltie

    1. Thanks, Barb! That's high praise! Frank thought I should look happier in the magazine cover photo. I had to explain that, as a professional model, I'm paid to look pouty.

      Echo, I gave Frank your message. He says don't give up, you can get married in anything, even in your swim shorts at the beach. In fact, Frank would prefer to get married in his swim shorts, but I can assure you that isn't going to happen.

      Thank you both for stopping by!


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