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Monday, June 30, 2014

Exciting News in the Neighborhood

Lilly Faye: Pssst, Cali! Where have you been? I've been looking for you every day for a week!

Cali: My family took a little trip, and I was billeted to an undisclosed location. I really can't say more for security reasons.

Lilly Faye: Well I'm glad you're finally home.

Cali: What did you want to see me about?

Lilly Faye: Do you remember Mr. Frank?

Cali: The Bulldog who left those flirtatious comments on your blog at Christmastime?

Lilly Faye: That's him. Guess what? He's moving in next door to me.

Cali: No!

Lilly Faye: Yes! And he sent me a really cute photo of himself.

Cali: Lilly Faye, you'll literally be the girl next door! Maybe he'll want to date you.

Lilly Faye: Do you think so?

Cali: I think it's going to be one hot summer!

Lilly Faye: Tee, hee!

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