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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Be True To Yourself

Lilly Faye: Dizzie, Sunday is Mother's Day, not Mudders Day. Your work has been slipping lately.

Dizzie: Sorry, Boss. I need to practice my touch typing.

Lilly Faye: Just take your time, and watch what you're doing.

Dizzie: I wish I could.

Lilly Faye: What do you mean?

Dizzie: I haven't wanted to admit this, Boss, but I'm afraid I might be going blind. It's like a grayish-brown veil is slowly descending over my field of vision. I can hardly see anything at all at this point.

Lilly Faye: Oh, Dizzie, I'm so sorry.

Alfie Cat: Don't feel too sorry for him. His problem isn't medical, it's vanity. He refuses to cut the hair over his eyes.

Lilly Faye: Why is that, Diz?

Dizzie: Portuguese Water Dogs are supposed to wear their hair low over their eyes in the show ring. My sister, Nettie, does, and she's been winning lots of shows. I haven't won anything.

Lilly Faye: That's because you're not a show dog like the rest of your family, Diz. You've chosen to take a different route, and pursue a career in entertainment journalism.

Dizzie: I'm worried I'm letting my family down.

Lilly Faye: In your heart of hearts, would you rather spend your time in the show ring, or spend it developing your journalistic skills by working at the blog?

Dizzie: I love working at the blog! I'd love it even more if I got paid, but I love the excitement, and the travel, and interviewing famous people at big Hollywood events!

Lilly Faye: And you're good at your job, just the way Nettie is good at winning dog shows. You have to develop your own talents and follow your own dreams, Diz. I'm sure your family understands.

Now, go splash water on your face, and brush your hair out of your eyes. We've got work to do.

Dizzie: Wow, I can see!

Dizzie: Look at everything I've been missing.

Dizzie: You've got some of your breakfast stuck in your muzzle, Boss.

Lilly Faye: Don't push your luck, Diz.


  1. Dixie you picked a noble career. Loved your post!!

    1. Thank you very much! I'll share your comment with Dizzie. It will make him very happy!
      Love, Lilly Faye


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