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Monday, September 22, 2014

Love Makes the World Go 'Round

Lilly Faye: Look, Diz. An Italian fan read our movie review of The Trip to Italy, and sent me photos of himself. His name is Franco. He says something in Italian. I think he's flirting with me! What do you think?

Dizzie: I think I would look dapper in a bow tie like he's wearing. What color would look best on me, Boss? Red? No, yellow. Yellow with white dots! It would go with my eyes, and bring out the red highlights in my hair. Do you know where I could find a snazzy bow tie like that?

Lilly Faye: I have no idea.

Look, Alfie! I have a fan in Italy! He looks so handsome and debonaire. He wrote me a love note in Italian. Isn't that romantic?

Alfie Cat: I don't know how romantic it is, Lilly Faye. According to Google Translate, he wants you to meet him behind the bushes. I think he's propositioning you.

Lilly Faye: Tee-hee!


Lilly Faye: Look, Cali. I have an admirer in Italy. He sent me photos of himself. Isn't it exciting?

Cali: Be careful, Lilly Faye. Lonely, older females are often approached online by someone in another country hoping to score money or a green card, or both. They told us all about it in the Citizen's Police Academy. Would you like me to have my police sources contact INTERPOL and find out if he's on any lists?

Lilly Faye: No. And I'm not lonely!

Even later...

Lilly Faye: Hello, Frank.

Mr. Frank: Who's that in the picture?

Lilly Faye: That's my new Italian boyfriend. Isn't he handsome?

Mr. Frank: Boyfriend? Huh! Where'd you meet him?

Lilly Faye: We haven't actually met. He read my blog, and sent me a note and photos of himself. His name is Franco. Don't you just love it?

Mr. Frank: Of course I do. It's my name. He spells it wrong, though.

Lilly Faye: He calls me his little American rose. I think it's all very romantic.

Mr. Frank: I don't see what's so romantic about it. He's half a world away. There's no future in it.

Lilly Faye: Well, it's not like I'm dating anyone else at the moment.

Mr. Frank: I thought you and I were keeping company, Doll Face.

Lilly Faye: I guess we are, after a fashion, but we haven't been on any real dates, now have we?

Mr. Frank: That's because I've been busking my butt off, trying to save for my future restaurant. And every night I'm working my paws to the bone, slicing and dicing, and creating new recipes. 

Lilly Faye: You should stop and smell the roses, Frank.

Mr. Frank: All right, Doll Face. If that's what it takes to make you happy, I'll take you out on the town. Wear something nice. It's gonna be a night to remember.

Dear Readers,

I guess I'd better make an appointment to have my hair done!

Lilly Faye

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