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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The phone rings at Frank's place...

Lilly Faye: Good morning, Frank. Lilly Faye here. I'm sorry, I won't be able to go on a walk with you today. The weatherman on the TV said it's freezing cold outside, and little ones like me should stay indoors.

Mr. Frank: Don't worry your pretty little head about it, Doll Face. There's no need for you to be cold with Mr. Frank around! I'll be over soon.

Lilly Faye: You don't have to rush, Frank. I'll be home all day.

Lilly Faye: Hmm, I wonder what he meant by that? Maybe I should freshen up and put on my pearls.

Meanwhile, at Frank's place...

Mr. Frank: Ceecee, where's my apron? I've got a special batch of soup to make!

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