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Monday, November 24, 2014

Lilly Faye's Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt

Dear Readers,

Edge of Tomorrow, sometimes referred to as Live Die Repeat, is based on the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which was itself followed by a series of graphic novels or manga by the same name.

In the film version starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, aliens have invaded earth, and all of humanity is working together to fight them. In an echo of World War II, the world's United Defense Force is trying to stop the enemy's advance across Europe. There is even a large scale beach invasion similar to Normandy.

Major Bill Cage (Cruise) is a former advertising guy brought in to sell the war effort. Cage is a coward who wants no part of it. When he challenges the general in charge, he is arrested and forced into joining a suicide mission.

Cage is killed immediately, but keeps coming back to life, reliving the same battle over and over, learning and sharpening his skills each time. Rita (Blunt), a special forces soldier who once had the ability to reset time and lost it, uses her knowledge to train Cage. With Rita's help, Cage develops into a confident, battle-hardened soldier.

Dizzie: Finally, a movie with plenty of tension and conflict! I was on the edge of my seat!

Lilly Faye: I liked Tom Cruise, because of his willingness to let himself be the butt of the joke. This movie had a lot of humor.

Dizzie: I liked Emily Blunt. Hello!

Alfie Cat: Edge of Tomorrow is basically Groundhog Day re-imagined as a sci-fi action movie. Even the female lead in both movies is named Rita.

Lilly Faye: I think that was an homage, Alfie.

Alfie Cat: And why are space aliens always depicted taking over the world? Everyone knows that cats are destined to rule the world.

Lilly Faye: Now that is scary! Time to rate the movie.

Dizzie: I liked it!

Lilly Faye: I agree, Diz. Edge of Tomorrow is fun and entertaining.

Lilly Faye's Movie Rating: Two Paws Up!

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