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Friday, November 7, 2014

Four's a Crowd

Saturday night at Frank's place...

Mr. Frank: I've clipped my nails, bathed and washed behind my ears, used mouthwash and the cologne I got for Christmas...I think I'm ready for my date with Doll Face. 

Wait, what if she wants popcorn?

Mr. Frank: I'd better look for extra change under the sofa cushions. 

Mr. Frank: Ceecee, does this sport coat look okay, or should I press my good suit?

Ceecee: You're trying too hard, Frank. Are you even sure this is a real date?

Mr. Frank: It's a movie, it's Saturday night, and it's Doll Face. Of course I'm sure.

Ceecee: What did she say, exactly?

Mr. Frank: She said, "I'm going to see a movie this weekend. Why don't you take a night off and come with me?"

Ceecee: A car just pulled up out front.

Mr. Frank: Oh, no. I'm starting to sweat.

A few minutes later...

Mr. Frank: Thanks for picking me up, Doll Face.

Lilly Faye: You smell really good, Frank.

Dizzie: You sure do.

Mr. Frank: You brought your blog intern with you?

Lilly Faye: We're watching the movie at his house. Dizzie and I always watch the movies we review together.

Mr. Frank: You mean there will be three of us on this date?

Dizzie: Four, counting Alfie.

Mr. Frank: Stop the car. I don't feel well.

Dizzie: We haven't pulled away from the curb yet.

Lilly Faye: You thought this was a date?

To be continued...

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