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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Little Things Mean the Most

Dizzie: Welcome back, Boss. We missed you.

Lilly Faye: Thanks, Diz. Catch me up on what's been happening at work while I was at the beach with Frank.

Dizzie: I answered our reader mail, and I ordered office supplies.

Lilly Faye: Office supplies? But we're an Earth-friendly, paperless blog.

Dizzie: True, Boss, but we were out of Oinkies.

Lilly Faye: Hmmm, you're the only one who eats those, Diz.

Dizzie: I know! You'd think a case would last longer.

Alfie Cat: Quit stalling, and tell her the news.

Dizzie: The Pulitzer Prizes were announced...

Lilly Faye: Did we win one? Did we win a Pulitzer?

Dizzie: No, Boss. We didn't win.

Lilly Faye: Oh, after we worked so hard all year-long to make our blog posts informative, entertaining, and uplifting.

Alfie Cat: In fairness to the Pulitzer Prize committee, they don't have a category for blogging poodles.

Lilly Faye: But they hand out Pulitzer Prizes for Public Service Reporting, Commentary, Photography, Fiction, Drama, Criticism...we cover all of that on the blog. I wonder if our movie reviews were even considered?

Dizzie: Sorry, Boss. Maybe next year.

Later that evening...

Ding, dong!

Lilly Faye: Hello, Frank. This is a surprise. Come in.

Mr. Frank: I brought you something, Doll. I made it with my own paws.

Lilly Faye: A pink pearl necklace with a seashell pendant. How romantic!

Mr. Frank: I found that shell on the beach while we were on our date. I wanted you to have a piece of jewelry to mark our special occasion. Look inside the shell. I signed it, Love, Frank.

Lilly Faye: Oh, Frank, it's perfect. It means more to me than a dozen Pulitzer Prizes.

Mr. Frank: I don't know what those are, but I'm glad you like your necklace, Doll. 



  1. I love Lilly Faye's blue and pink dress. It is blue and pink (and not orange and green) right?

    1. Ha, ha! Yes, my dress is blue with little pink bows all over it. I had no idea Frank was making me a pink pearl necklace with the seashell he found on our beach date. It matches my new dress perfectly! I think it's another sign that Frank and I are meant to be together, don't you?


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