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Monday, April 20, 2015

Romance on the Beach, Part 1

Mr. Frank: You look gorgeous, Doll.

Lilly Faye: Thanks, Frank. You look very handsome, yourself.

Mr. Frank: I brought lunch...shrimp cocktail... fresh salad greens with avocado and cherry tomatoes...and for dessert, lemon poundcake with strawberries and cream.

Lilly Faye: Sounds delicious. I hope you also brought your swim suit.

Mr. Frank: Does that mean we're having our picnic on the beach?

Lilly Faye: You got it. Buckle up!


Mr. Frank: You'd better pull over, Doll. That police cruiser is flashing its lights.

Lilly Faye: He probably just wants my autograph. It happens all the time to famous internet bloggers.

Twenty minutes later...

Mr. Frank: Careless driving, failure to signal, failure to stay in your lane...I can't believe that policeman let you off with just a warning.

Lilly Faye: It's the pearls, Frank. They can't ticket you or arrest you if you're wearing pearls.

Mr. Frank: Where did you hear that?

Lilly Faye: Have you ever seen anyone wearing pearls in a mug shot?

Mr. Frank: No.

Lilly Faye: There you go. That proves it.

Lilly Faye: We're here!

Mr. Frank: Looks like we have the entire beach to ourselves.

Lilly Faye: It's just like in the movie, From Here to Eternity, Frank.

To be continued!


  1. I love this, so funny! I'll have to remember to wear pearls every time I'm in the driver's seat.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sorry I couldn't stop by sooner, I was traveling.

    1. Thank you, Lynn! It's true, a good string of pearls will take you a long way in life!
      Happy travels,
      Lilly Faye


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