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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mixed Signals

Cali: I can hardly believe it, Lilly Faye!

Lilly Faye: It's true. The other day, after Frank kissed me, he nibbled on my ear!

Cali: Boy, he moves fast. After all, he's only been living next door to you for a couple of weeks. Does this mean you two are dating now?

Lilly Faye: Well, he hasn't asked me out yet.

Cali: You know how males are. You'll have to put the bug in his ear, let him know you'd enjoy going out to dinner with him. But let him think it's his idea.

Lilly Faye: I believe I will.

Later that evening...

Lilly Faye: Hello, Frank.

Mr. Frank: Hi there, Doll Face. You're looking good.

Lilly Faye: Thank you, Frank. 

Gosh, I'm starving. It's almost dinner time, and I'm so tired of just opening a can. Do you know of any good restaurants around here where a girl could get a nice meal?

Mr. Frank: Afraid not. I do all my own cooking. I'm very particular about my food. Tonight, for instance, I'm making Beef Tips Au Jus, Sauteed Garden Vegetables, and Fresh Asparagus Risotto. 

Lilly Faye: That sounds delicious. I had no idea you could cook.

Mr. Frank: Oh yeah, cooking is a real passion of mine. In fact, I only came out here to pick a few herbs. I need to get back to the stove now. See you around, Doll Face.

Lilly Faye: That didn't go at all the way I planned.

Later that night, after dinner...

Mr. Frank: I can't believe Doll Face eats out of cans! Maybe I shouldn't rush into anything with her.

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