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Monday, January 5, 2015

Situation Normal

Ceecee: You know Frank, lately every other day has felt like a Sunday. I'm glad January has arrived. I'm looking forward to being back on a normal schedule.

Mr. Frank: I agree. The holidays were great, but the pressure of finding the right gifts, doing the fancy baking, and all the extra celebrating really wore me out. I'm looking forward to a nice long, quiet spell, with no obligations.

Meanwhile, at the back fence...

Lilly Faye: Cali, guess what? I was just at the store, and it was full of pretty Valentines!

Cali: Oh that's right, this will be your first Valentine's Day with Frank.

Lilly Faye: And you know how romantic he is. I'm sure Frank will do it up big. I can hardly wait!

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